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 * In fact it is a special plugin because it uses plugin API.
 * It implements context sensitive help messages.
#include "whowatch.h"
#include "pluglib.h"

static void general(void)
      title("GENERAL KEYS:\n"); newln();
      println("cursor movement:");
      println("- cursor up, down, Home, End");
      println("- PageUp, PageDown");
      title("F9"); println(" - menu");
      title("ESC"); println(" - close window/menu or quit");
      title("d"); println(" - user or process details");
      title("s"); println(" - system information");
      title("t"); println(" - tree of all processes");
      title("/"); println(" - search");

static void userwin_help(void)
      title("USERS LIST:\n"); newln();
      title("ENTER"); println(" - selected user processes");
      title("i"); println(" - toggle users idle time");
      title("c"); println(" - toggle long command line");

static void procwin_help(void)
      title("PROCESS TREE:\n"); newln();
      title("ENTER"); println(" - go back to user list");
      title("l"); println(" - choose from signal list");
      title("o"); println(" - toggle process owner");
      title("c"); println(" - toggle long command line");
      title("^K"); println(" - send KILL signal");
void sub_help(void)
        title("DETAILS WINDOW:\n"); newln();
        title("a"); println(" - up");
        title("z"); println(" - down");
        title("left cursor"); println(" - left");
        title("right cursor"); println(" - right");

static void show_help(void *unused)
dolog(__FUNCTION__":printing help\n");
      if(current == &users_list) userwin_help();
      if(current == &proc_win) procwin_help();  

void help(void)

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